Emotional Health & Wellbeing

The emotional health & wellbeing stream aims to provide opportunities for children & young people to explore who they are, where they're at and where they want to be.

Emotional Health & Wellbeing

— Raising Aspirations

The Emotional Health & Wellbeing steam aims to provide opportunities for children & young people to explore who they are, where they’re at and where they want to be. All of our work is designed to encourage positive life change and raise the aspirations of young people to achieve, succeed and reach their potential.

We seek to create personalised programmes and approaches that are tailored to meet the needs of the individual. We have worked with young people in a school environment, those that have been excluded or those who find themselves out of an education setting altogether. Many of these children & young people deal with a wide variety of challenges and needs from ADHD, ODD, anxiety, low confidence, OCD and autism being some.

In all that we do, we hope to give children & young people the best opportunity to face their personal and educational challenges head on, showing them how they can cope, achieve and overcome the challenges that they face inside and outside the classroom environment.

More Information

If you would like more information about the Emotional Health & Wellbeing stream then please contact us by either calling 0121 585 9419 or emailing info@phasetrust.org.uk.

Callum has, since a difficult experience at college, developed intense anxiety and fear and had stopped going out, spending most of his time in his room playing his computer online. He had previously been Statemented with Autism and many of his challenges with anxiety have been compounded by the challenges that this diagnosis brings. Callum had come to a realisation that these challenges had significantly restricted his life and had decided he wanted to make some changes to confront these problems. This resulted in him wanting to attend ID Plus.

Callum had found the initial part of the programme a big challenge as his anxiety had made it very difficult for him to participate as he would wish. Despite this Callum showed a great resilience to not give up and throw in the towel when his anxiety had got the better of him. One significant moment early on was seen in Callum taking his hood down, which he had kept up previously to help him cope and feel safe. This showed Callum was becoming more comfortable and his confidence was beginning to grow.

As the programme progressed Callum had started to make significant progress with his attendance and was now able to attend the full three days a week. He had also agreed to now venture out at lunch time to purchase his own lunch, which he did not feel comfortable doing early on. He had taken to this challenge really well and showed he is committed to making progress. Callum seemed to find a good level of motivation with the project work he had been set and produced some good work, which he felt able to present to Tim and Jonathan.

Anxiety throughout the programme has been a goliath at times for Callum, but I'm pleased that when he had anxious episodes he began to learn that it didn't have to be something that controls and dictates his participation and engagement. This was most evident one morning when he had a major panic attack, but was still able to attend a full day on programme. Callum admitted that previously he would have given up, gone home and allowed his anxiety to rule.

Callum's progress over the 10 weeks has been steady. He has learnt to face his challenges head on and not avoid the challenge of getting himself back on track. While his challenges have not disappeared he is far more proactive in seeking out solutions to help him continue to make progress beyond our programme.


“Thank you for all you’ve done for me. You have helped me turn my life around and get it back on track”.

— Different Approaches

The different approaches we use to engage children & young people in this process are as follows:


Through mentoring we come alongside students on their journeys to provide extra support, encourage reflection and give guidance. Helping children & young people reflect is a big part of the mentoring experience that helps challenge their own perspectives, see how they can be more equipped, and instill belief that can see them make positive change. This is often delivered through one-to-one sessions, but can be delivered to groups with themed sessions.

Winning Mentality

This is about using sport to help children & young people raise their aspirations and encourage them to reach their potential – on and off the field. Through sport children & young people are helped to realise the ingredients that help them on the field to grasp sporting success, are the same ones that help us succeed off the field, in the classroom and at home. In exploring these ingredients students reflect on who they are, where they are at, where they are going and are presented with the challenge of incorporating these elements into their game and their life. This programme can be delivered as a 6 week programme for a small group or even delivered as part of a day experience for a whole year group.

ID (Intentional Development)

ID programme is a personalised, varied, interactive and comprehensive programme, which gives more space for children & young people to explore their barriers and challenges. Having this increased time and varied activity gives a better opportunity for children & young people to grasp their challenges and know how they can deal with them better. Themes and activities on the subjects of relationships, team building, confidence, potential, conflict and communication are presented to the students so they can explore their own personal development and learn to approach their choices and circumstances more positively. Skill based workshops provide the opportunity to explore their strengths and what it takes to improve any skill. This programme can be delivered over a morning a week over 6 weeks.

ID Plus

ID Plus is our post 16 programme. Similarly to ID, ID Plus is a personalised, varied and interactive programme that aims to takes students on a journey to look at themselves, look out at the world around them and realise they hold the power to make their future a success. Added to this experience students get to explore their strengths through strengths finder, look at subjects and themes related to their employability and get to grips with what their future could look like, preparing them to confidently take steps towards it. The programme is a 10 week course.

Callum's Parents

“Phase have made a huge impact on Callum. Phase have encouraged him to believe in himself again and given him the opportunity to achieve in a safe and caring environment”.