For Young People

We stand with and for you so get in touch if you need support.

For Young People

We stand with and for you

We know that life is not always the fun and excitement that you want it to be, at times it can be difficult for lots of different reasons, making it a challenge to cope. Knowing that someone is around to listen, understand and help is key to coming through these tough times well. At Phase Trust we hope to be the type of support that helps you get through these times as best you can, if you feel you need support please get in touch.

You can find and contact us on – Facebook


We also recommend the following websites.
You can find lots of useful advice and tips that can really help:

Kooth – Free, safe and anonymous online support for your mental health. VISIT LINK »

YoungmindsPractical mental health support. VISIT LINK »

ChildlineFree, confidential and available any time, day or night for anyone under 19 that needs to talk. VISIT LINK »

iZoneAn online portal that signposts you to any support you need local, national & digitally (Themed mobile Apps). VISIT LINK »