Sexual Health

Within our Sexual Health Department, we aim to support young people by building relationships of trust and stability - looking at different issues they may face


— Building Relationships

Within the Sexual Health Department, we aim to support young people by building relationships of trust and stability – looking at different issues they may face.

  • We aim to raise their self-esteem, so that they can realise their worth
  • Giving them space to reflect on their experiences regarding relationships, safety and health
  • Equip them with the tools to make positive choices in the future and invest in them by raising their aspirations and offering opportunities to learn new skills.

More information

If you would like more information about the Sexual Health Department then please contact us by either calling 0121 585 9419 or emailing

Sarah was put forward for the 'leave it 'til later project at school, as there were concerns about her risk taking behaviour and views regarding relationships. Sarah quickly became very honest about her and her friends choices but seemed very unaware of the risks they were putting themselves in, such as drinking at house parties, getting into older boys cars and unprotected sexual activity.

Gradually throughout the sessions Sarah was able to reflect on some of the situations she had been in and how naïve she had been to the risk of sexual exploitation. Sarah has now decided to move away from certain peers who she feels have a bad influence on her but has also become a mature voice within her group of friends. She has made the choice to now concentrate on her own wellbeing and education and aims to successfully move towards her chosen career.

— Personalised Sessions

We work with many young people of a variety of ages, ability and need including some of the most vulnerable young people at risk of sexual exploitation. We offer personalised sessions for schools, youth organisations and youth clubs including:

Small group work

Chic project is a prevention strategy that provides young women with 6 sessions which aims for them to become more resilient and less socially isolated. We hope for them to remain engaged in education with improved attitudes to learning, concentrating on future aspirations and what it means to them to succeed.

Leave it ’til Later group programme which consists of 12 weekly sessions aimed at adopting and reinforcing approaches that empower young people to make informed, safer choices resulting in healthier outcomes and a greater awareness of risk.

Individual Mentoring

Providing a personalised package for young people identified as needing more intensive support around their sexual behaviours, with an emphasis towards increasing their resilience, improving their ability to make healthier choices and reducing their vulnerability to risk.

Curriculum support

Including PHSE lessons, assemblies and full days we delivery general sexual health and wellbeing awareness sessions, supplementing the sex and relationships curriculum undertaken by their schools and colleges.

These sessions can include topics such as self-esteem/self-image, relationships (friends, family, romantic), peer pressure, making choices, internet safety, risky behaviour, how you know you’re ready, consequences and contraception.