We recognise sport as a great tool when used to support the development of children and young people of different ages, and provide a number of sports based activities for 9-18 year olds.


— Sports Coaching

Using our qualified sports coaches can help schools to deliver PE and extra-cirricular programmes to enhance the quality of the provision to pupils/students. The benefit of using sports coaching can:

  • Provide additional capacity to already overstretched schools
  • Promote lifelong participation in sport and physical activity for children and young people
  • Equip children and young people with the tools to make positive choices in the future and invest in them by raising their aspirations and offering opportunities to learn new skills

More information

If you would like more information about the Sports Stream then please contact us by either calling 0121 585 9419 or emailing

— Winning Mentality

The Winning Mentality Programme is designed to awaken the potential that is within every child and young person.

Our objectives are:

  • To see children and young people rediscover some self-belief, an attitude to learn and a desire to achieve.
  • To improve children and young people’s physical and mental wellbeing and their capacity to make healthier life choices.
  • To build children’s and young people’s self esteem, their resilience to overcome personal challenges and raise aspirations for the future.

The programme can be delivered via:

  • A 6 week course for up to 8 students
  • An entire class
  • A full day for whole year groups

This can happenat school or at our specialist centre where we have an indoor 4 aside football pitch, dance studio, outdoor climbing wall, skate ramps and basketball court.