About Us

We want to help every child & young person uncover their potential and grow to become all that they can be.

Phase Trust has been working with children & young people in and around Halesowen since 1999. It was set up by a group of local church and community leaders who were actively involved in supporting young people inside and outside schools in order to provide a charitable umbrella for the different activities. Phase Trust arose in response to the needs of children & young people, especially those struggling at school or home, and still today, has the needs of children & young people at its core.

Today, Phase Trust is a widely-respected youth organisation that works across Dudley Borough and beyond to provide formal and informal programmes or support that encourage children & young people to maximise learning opportunities and reach their full potential as citizens.


"Standing with and for children & young people"

In practice, this means:

Being available – where and when children & young people need you.

Seeing the best in children & young people – and building on that potential.

Treating children & young people as unique individuals – with different social, emotional and developmental needs.

Being honest, open and real.


Phase Trust dedicate themselves to offering a wide range of services:

Personal Development

Personal Development work takes place across two separate streams – Primary and Secondary & Post 16. Both streams aim to provide opportunities for children & young people to explore who they are, where they are at and where they want to be. In all that we do we hope to give young people the best opportunity to face their personal and educational challenges, in order to see them achieve their goals and reach their potential.

Community Engagement

The Community Engagement Stream seeks to connect and engage with a wide range of children & young people in their community, across the Borough of Dudley and beyond. We also form and build meaningful relationships between other professionals to strengthen the work in our surrounding communities.


The Exploitation Stream works with children and young people (7-25 LDD), specifically focussing on and exploring the challenging issues surrounding Child criminal exploitation (CCE), Child sexual exploitation (CSE) & Harmful sexual behaviour (HSB).

Family Support

Being part of a family can be both challenging and rewarding all at the same time, even more so for parents. At Phase Trust we want to support families to ensure that those difficult times don’t become the norm or overwhelming.


Phase Trust has a wealth of experience and knowledge which has now been packaged into several opportunities for training.