Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement stream looks to connect and engage with a wide range of children & young people across the borough of Dudley and beyond.

Community Engagement

— Connecting & Engaging

The Community Engagement stream looks to connect and engage with a wide range of children & young people across the borough of Dudley and beyond. We also form and build meaningful relationships between Phase Trust and other professionals to strengthen the work in our surrounding communities.

More Information

If you would be interested in finding out any further information about the Community Engagement stream please call on the office on 0121 585 9419 or email

Stuart is 17 and struggled with self-harm and still contemplated suicide after a couple of failed attempts. Stuart had the desire to want something different in life but couldn't see how life would ever change from self-harming every other day as it was his only way to release how he was feeling.

After completing sessions of mentoring, Stuart was able to reflect on the progress he had made, Stuart had realised the triggers for self-harming and feeling suicidal, he could acknowledge the different coping strategies he could use to prevent self-harming. Stuart left the programme with a positive mind-set and understanding of himself and his thought process was stronger to be able to overcome the battle of still having self-harm as an option available to him. Stuart was able to set up physical and mental barriers to reduce the chances of relapse. Stuart left the programme with one relapse of self-harm in 34 days.


 “I just want to say thank you. These sessions have been life changing. I know it is me having to make the changes, but without these sessions I didn’t know what to do. They have shown me options and helped me feel more equipped to be in control.”

— Providing Support

The community Engagement stream provides and looks to support groups and individuals through:

Schools Work

Including lunch and after schools groups. We also offer a lunch time detached group, which would involve at least two team members engaging in relational work with students.

Local Partnerships

Our aim is to build relationships with other local professional youth workers in joining together to work for a similar goal. We have a good partnership with West Midlands Police where we aim to support each other around our local area through detached work in connection with the PCSO’s, as well as engaging in our evening youth club.

Detached Work

We have a team of trained staff and volunteers who look to engage young people who want to socialise in the local community. We look to build relationship with these individuals and challenge any anti-social behaviour they may be engaging in.

Engaging Youth Clubs

We currently provide a safe space and positive role models for our Monday, Wednesday and Friday night ‘Hub’ youth groups, aimed at school years 7-12 where we provide specific workshops to help and encourage young people to become aware of the choices that are being presented to them at this stage in their lives, whilst having fun.


There are various opportunities to volunteer with the work of Phase Trust. If this is something you wish to discuss further please get in touch with us.

A Parent of a Former Student

“It helps students realise that they can be themselves, which gives them the confidence to believe in themselves. Also, it helped on the morning of his college interview, he had a lesson with you which put himself at ease and that everything could be okay and not to get anxious about it.”