Meet The Team

I can honestly say that I have never come across an organisation/agency that are so committed to improving the lives of young people, with no hidden agenda and such professional staff.
Paul Townsend, St James’ Academy, Dudley

Jayne Sargeant


My primary role is to maintain our ethos and commitment in working with children and young people, to see that our team is passionate and remain up-skilled in the areas they are involved in, and ensuring sustainability so that the legacy of Phase Trust lives on.

Jonathan ALlen

Senior Manager

My role is to lead the amazing Phase team in delivering the best possible provision for young people. I am passionate about ensuring our team are constantly developing and I'm always looking to help them maintain the best possible approaches to supporting young people of the Dudley borough and beyond. I'm also passionate about Personal Development. I aim to help children, young people & young adults grasp what they hope for themselves and challenge them to think about what they need to do to realise these dreams.

Hannah Hughes

Head of Community Engagement

My role is to look into how we engage with the communities we work in and those on the fringes; mainly in the areas of mental health, LGBTQ+ and exploitation. I also head up the Exploitation stream where I manage the strategic oversight and development of the services we offer under this stream.

Vicky Welch

Family Intervention and Head of Sexual Health

I head up the Sexual Health and Family Support departments for Phase Trust. Within that, my main area of work is supporting families of primary aged children. I also offer one-to-one mentoring for children who need a listening ear, help with their behaviour or support due to loss or bereavement. I also head up one of the youth clubs we run in the Dudley Borough.

Charlene Cowdell

Female Exploitation Lead

I head up the referral process and support what we offer to young people who have been identified as being at risk of sexual exploitation. I support young people who are displaying Harmful Sexual Behaviours using the AIM3 assessment and intervention tool.

Pete Allen

Male Exploitation Lead

My role is to work and support young people who are being exploited; working with young people in or on the periphery of gang culture who may be exploited with or without them knowing. Supporting, challenging and developing young people to make better lifestyle choices for themselves.

Peter Barks

Primary Coordinator

I lead all of Phase’s work with children who are at primary school. I am passionate about connecting and engaging with a wide range of children through schools work across the Dudley borough and beyond. The Primary Department supports children in both group and one-to-one settings; often working with those who need support with their emotional health and well-being through mentoring, sports and group work.

Nathalie Dean

Lead Personal Development Officer

My main focus is our work with young people aged 16+. I manage, coordinate and deliver various projects which we run throughout the year aimed at supporting young people in improving their self-confidence, social skills and future prospects. Our projects are aimed at those who are not in education, employment or training and also those needing support in the transition from school to college. I also give one to one mentoring support to young people aged 16+.

Lisa Hill

Operations Manager

My role is to ensure that all processes within Phase Trust are running as smoothly as possible. Alongside the CEO and Senior Manager, I am also involved in the oversight of the organisation as a whole.

Dee Woodward

Office Manager

My role involves making sure all the office/admin processes run smoothly and efficiently. I see my role as supporting operational functions so that other staff can fulfil their role fully and have all they need to bring change to the children and young people most in need in our community.

Amber Murphy

Primary Worker

My role is to work alongside the Primary School Department team, offering one-to-one mentoring sessions in schools, for a range of children who are in need of support with emotional health and well-being. My role also includes delivering sports sessions and group work such as our Winning Mentality sessions. I am passionate about helping children with their confidence and developing them so they can be the best they can be.

Meg Bassi

Targeted Support Worker

I work in secondary schools supporting young people in both one-to-one and group sessions, supporting them with issues relating to their mental health and well-being. I also work with young people aged 16+ via project work and one-to-one sessions with the aim of increasing their confidence, reducing anxiety and supporting the exploration of their next steps for the future.

Lauren Walters

Sessional Support Worker

My role is to provide one-to-one support to children and young people who are struggling with their emotional health and well-being or are at risk of being exploited. My aim is to give people a safe place to process, and empower and support them in the difficult situations they find themselves in.