Family Support

We know that being a parent can be both rewarding and incredibly challenging....

Family Support

— Positive Parenting Courses

We know that being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging. We deliver courses which are here to support you and help you build a strong and secure relationship with your child, whatever their age.

They include group discussions and practical tasks to help you build on your strengths and will give you time and space to think about any changes you want to make.

Courses are made up of six 2 hour sessions and are delivered in partnership with local schools. Each course is led by trained facilitators.


More information

If you would like more information about the Family Support Stream then please contact us by either calling 0121 585 9419 or emailing

— Personalised Sessions

This is a great way to help build the relationship between a parent and their child. This would include one-to-one sessions seperately and then sessions together providing a chance to talk, have fun through team building activities and looking at the strengths of the family.